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Paint touch up kits and their applications
Monday, 3 May 2010
Why purchase a paint touch up kit for your detail shop or car dealership?

Auto detailers and car washes service a lot of cars with rock chips and scratches. But when the customer requests a simple touch up of the scratches and chips, they seldom offer the service. There is a answer: purchase a paint touch up kit

A professional quality chip/scratch repair system allows detailers to apply a small amount of color matching paint to chips and scratches to improve their appearance significantly. Even the best systems don't deliver perfect results from even the closest distances. But on average, the repair is 10% of the cost of a body shop repair, and customers are very happy with the value they get for their investment.

There are four distinct reasons that scratch and chip repair makes sense for any detail shop. It's also a great fit for other reconditioning niches like PDR, interior repair, windshield chip repair, and window tinting.

Very first, Customers demand it. Minor chips and scratches are inevitable on any car with over 10,000 miles. Very few car owners pay the fees that professional detailers ask. At an average of $180 per car, this is a unique customer. Buyers who care adequate about their vehicle to purchase expert detailing are incredibly most likely to buy chip repair. They know their cars well--every flaw, every dent every scratch. They know in which the minor chips and scrapes are and locate them being irritating. Ask your customers about minor paint damage on their car. They will likely know exactly where it is and ask you to fix it.

Second, touch up service is very profitable. An average touch up job takes about 15 minutes to perform at a cost of $35. Costs are minimal: just 20 drops of paint, some cleaning thinner, and a small paper cup. Costs might only be 5% per job!

Thirdly, scratch and chip repair is a simple disclipine. It is very easy to learn compared to the other reconditioning niches. Quality touch up systems are designed to take the difficulty out of obtaining a color match and applying the paint with precision. These systems contain a variety of applicator sizes, scratch fillers, shine enhancers, and paint cleaners to ensure a high quality repair that can be performed quickly.

Finally, because of its simplicity, touch up service can be easily taught to your employees. This is critical, as you cannot introduce excessive complexity into your business' processes. It's important to choose a service that can be learned easily and TAUGHT easily to your new employees. Otherwise, they may not sell or perform the service unless you are involved. Complicated equipment and processes gather dust; uncomplicated, effective methods and processes get utilized and make cash! The best paint touch up systems are designed to simplify and streamline the task of getting a matching color, filling the damage, applying the paint, and reorganizing the paint system. There are very few skills that can be learned in an hour and a half that produce $70+ hourly profit, and chip and scratch repair is one of them.

Look into adding a paint touch up system at Applied Colors' website. They offer a full system for $1095 with enough paint to touch up over 1000 cars. A 30 day money back guarantee is included. The ScratchOut system is the touch up system of choice for hundreds of detailers and appearance techs around the world.

Posted by applied2010 at 3:12 PM EDT

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